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Instructional Budget FY24-25 Temporary Teaching allocations now available

Sent: March 28, 2024 1:58 pm

Our Instructional Budget Temporary Teaching allocations have been approved by Dean’s Office leadership and are now available to view in our Instructional Budget Report here: Instructional budget (IB) allocations by department. There is now one column for your Student Teach Budget, and one column with the Temporary Teach budget. The Total column shows the overall available IB, which can be flexed to cover either student or non-student teaching.


To clarify the basis for these numbers:

  • The Student Teach budget aligns to this year’s numbers and is built upon your funded FTE and stipend numbers. The FTE are based on historical FTE funded on IB. The stipends have been updated in recent years to reflect increases based on new minimum stipends and college investment in graduate salaries. Broad changes to FTE have not occurred, though the College leadership hopes to take on a comprehensive review of graduate teaching in the near future. Your Budget Analyst can provide you the FTE and Stipend values, if needed.


  • The Temporary Teach budget will vary each year and are based upon an assessment of student credit hours taught by the department and the permanent faculty available to teach those hours. Whatever hours are still needed beyond what current faculty can teach are then funded via this budget. The inputs for SCH and Faculty FTE are available on Funded admin assignments for next year are taken out of available faculty teaching. Historical buyouts, ECLs, and ICLs are also subtracted from available faculty and are viewable in IWL. Faculty numbers are adjusted for next year based on known/expected hiring and retirements/resignations to date. The SADs then set teaching targets for T/TT and Teaching faculty by department based on historical teaching and division/department norms. Significant hiring, retirements/resignations, or changes in SCH taught can shift this allocation significantly year to year. This is intentional so that this budget can be responsive to emergent needs. Your Budget Analyst can provide the teaching targets used or other inputs, if needed.


For more detailed information about our IB Allocation model, please see our IB Powerpoint from last fall.


While the inputs for temporary teaching may shift modestly from what we know today, this budget is set. As with all budgets, we must ultimately fix a number in order to plan and then seek to work within that. If needs arise for instructional budget beyond what has been allocated overall, and you can show that your allocated funds do not support essential needs, the SADs will still have access to modest IB Contingency funds to potentially meet those needs. Please reach out to your SAD and BA if you have concerns.


We have intentionally made all the instructional budgets viewable for all departments. This IB report is only relevant to our academic departments that receive such funding on program code C1302.


As a reminder, all our financial reports for the College are available here:



Elizabeth Bakanic

Associate Dean for Finance and Budget Management

College of Arts & Sciences Business Operations

UNC-Chapel Hill

Ph: 919.843.9201 (VOIP) | Mo: 336.978.5049

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