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College OHR Benefits Consultants

Sent: April 10, 2024 11:24 am

This message is being sent to all administrative managers in the College of arts and Sciences with a request to forward to all department faculty and staff.



This is a reminder message advising you of the College’s benefits and leave consultants, Morgan Morrison is the core benefits Consultant for the College.  Core benefits include, but are not limited to retirement, insurance plans, life events, etc.  Angela Easter is our dedicated Leave Consultant.


Morgan Morrison

HR-Benefits Consultant

(919) 445-1491


Angela Easter

Leave Administration Consultant

(919) 843-0405


Additional information regarding UNC benefits can be found here on the Office of Human Resources website.


Best regards,




Ashante Diallo

Associate Dean for Human Resources

108 Battle Lane

Ph: 919.843.9689 (VOIP) | Mo: 313.595.7222 | Fax: 919.843.3531

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