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New Instructional Budget Report

Sent: March 11, 2024 3:13 pm

The following message is being sent to all chairs/directors and administrative managers in the College of Arts and Sciences with a copy to the CAS Accounting Tech listserv.


A new financial report is available that lists the Instructional budget (IB) allocations by department that are anticipated for next fiscal year. Right now it only shows the Student Teaching budget, which should generally align to this year’s numbers and is built upon your FTE and stipend numbers. We are still completing the Temporary Teaching allocations as IWL is finalized. We will push those numbers out through this same report as well in the near future.


We have intentionally made all the instructional budgets viewable for all departments. This IB report is only relevant to our academic departments that receive such funding on program code C1302.


As a reminder, all our financial reports for the College are available here:


Please reach out to your budget analyst with any questions.



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