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Post-Tenure Faculty Review

Sent: April 12, 2023 2:11 pm

As you are aware, each tenured faculty member is subject to post-tenure review every five years following the conferral of permanent tenure.  The College will continue the use of InfoPorte to route post-tenure reviews to the Senior Associate Deans, in accordance with the PTR guidelines.  Departments should submit PTRs through InfoPorte according to the attached instructions. 

The following documentation should be routed to the Senior Associate Dean via InfoPorte:

  • The faculty member’s CV and self-assessment statements,
  • One peer teaching evaluation
  • Student course evaluations – past five years
  • PTR Committee report, the faculty member’s response if applicable
  • Chair’s letter summarizing the PTR meeting with the faculty member and assigning the overall PTR rating (please note, we do not need a letter from the chair to the Dean)
  • Additional material as deemed appropriate, (e.g., a Development Plan), or as requested by the Senior Associate Dean

The Post Tenure Review form is attached for your convenience or can be found here

Action Item:

Please have your Department Manager submit your completed 2022-2023 form via RASR by June 30, 2023.   

If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to contact your Senior Associate Dean or Janet Farrell and Teresa Wilkinson

Thank you,

Ashante Diallo

Associate Dean for Human Resources

Ph: 919.843.9689 (VOIP) | Mo: 313.595.7222 | Fax: 919.843.3531

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