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Human Resources Forms

Below are College of Arts & Sciences HR forms for submission to the Dean’s Office through RASR.  University HR forms for staff can be found on the HR Community Toolkit , and forms for faculty are found on the Academic Personnel website .

EHRA Non-faculty & SHRA Position Authorization Form

Departments should submit this form to the Dean’s Office HR Consultant to request authorization to create, modify or recruit for permanent EHRA non-faculty and SHRA positions in the College of Arts & Sciences prior to initiating position description forms and before initiating recruitment requisitions.  This form is required for all permanent staff positions, regardless of funding source.  Contact your HR Consultant, if you have questions about the form or the appropriate processes.

Position Description Form (EHRA N-F & SHRA)

Faulty Retention Worksheet

Departments should submit this request to your Senior Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Human Resources prior to drafting a retention offer to a faculty member who is being solicited for an outside offer of employment. Please attach CV and supporting materials, such as outside offer letter (on letterhead) or other correspondence that demonstrates a bona fide offer of employment or potential offer.

Request for Research and Study Assignment (RSA)

This form is used to submit annual nominations of faculty for research and study assignment (RSA) to the Dean’s Office.  Departments will be notified each fall of their allocation of leaves for the upcoming academic year. Guidelines on RSA can be found in the Chair’s Manual.

The following forms should be submitted in RASR by June 30 of each academic year (AY) to report on mandatory faculty reviews and evaluations. Departments will be prompted by the Dean’s Office when these forms are due.  For more information about mandatory faculty reviews, please refer to the Chair’s Manual or the Academic Personnel website .

Annual Evaluation of Untenured Faculty

Annual Evaluation of Teaching Track Faculty

Post-Tenure Review Annual Report

Peer Teaching Observation Report (see also the Peer Teaching Memo)

CFE CAS Peer Review of Teaching template

Multiple Student Hire Spreadsheet

Departments whose students are hired through the HR shared services should complete and upload this spreadsheet to the ‘Multiple Student Hire’ RASR form, when requesting to hire five or more students at a time.

Name and SSN Change Form(not a College-owned form)

Submit this form in RASR to request updates to an employee’s name or social security number.