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Who We Are

Who We Are

Facilities Shared Services is a team of individuals that support the day to day activities in CAS buildings. Whether it’s building access, maintenance, or renovations- these individuals and teams assist with your facility requirements.

Click below to find your building, then you’ll find a list of the following:

  • Department Managers
  • One Card Access Managers
  • Facilities Coordinators
BUILDINGUNITDEPT MANAGEROneCard ManagerFacilities Coordinator
134 E. Franklin StreetPublic PolicyDeeDee WhiteMaynard Torian (email)
1700 MLK Jr. BlvdMilitary ScienceLizayda AguilarPowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
CommunicationNing SunPowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
212 Finley Golf Course RoadPsychology & NeuroscienceChase DebnamVacant
214 Henderson StreetDramatic ArtJamie StricklandMaynard Torian (email)
308 W. Rosemary St.Public PolicyDeeDee WhiteMaynard Torian (email)
Abernethy HallPublic PolicyDeeDee WhiteMaynard Torian (email)
Alumni HallArchaeologyBarbara CarsonMaynard Torian (email)
AnthropologyIrina OlenichevaMaynard Torian (email)
Art Studio BuildingArt & Art HistoryLindsay FulenwiderMaynard Torian (email)
AviaryBiologyLogan BrackettJason Worrell (email)
Battle HallAfrican, African American, & Diaspora StudiesLola TasarMaynard Torian (email)
Bingham HallCommunicationVACANTMaynard Torian (email)
Biology Aviary Mason FarmBiologyLogan BrackettJason Worrell (email)
Biology Aviary TrailerBiologyLogan BrackettJason Worrell (email)
Biology TrailerBiologyLogan BrackettJason Worrell (email)
Buchan HouseArts & Sciences FoundationAli BlueVacant
Bynum HallCommunicationNing SunMaynard Torian (email)
Caldwell HallPhilosophySandy StaleyMaynard Torian (email)
Dramatic ArtJamie StricklandMaynard Torian (email)
Carolina HallReligious StudiesTracey CaveMaynard Torian (email)
GeographyBarbara TaylorMaynard Torian (email)
Carolina Outdoor Education CenterExercise & Sport ScienceShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
Caudill LabsChemistryLaura YurcoJason Worrell (email)
Chapman HallApplied Physical SciencesBeverly LoftinJason Worrell (email)
ChemistryLaura YurcoJason Worrell (email)
Physics & AstronomyBeverly LoftinJason Worrell (email)
COEC Expeditions OfficeExercise & Sport ScienceShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
Coker HallBiologyLogan BrackettJason Worrell (email)
Communication Media LabCommunicationNing SunMaynard Torian (email)
Davie HallPsychology & NeuroscienceChase DebnamMaynard Torian (email)
Dey HallEnglish & Comparative LiteratureJennifer WashingtonMaynard Torian (email)
Germanic & Slavic Languages & LiteratureValerie BernhardtMaynard Torian (email)
Romance StudiesShavon Carey-HicksMaynard Torian (email)
LinguisticsDebra PowersMaynard Torian (email)
Dramatic Art CenterDramatic ArtJamie StricklandMichael Rolleri (email)
Evergreen HousePsychology & NeuroscienceChase DebnamMaynard Torian (email)
FedEx GECEuropean Studies CenterVictoria VassPowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
Global StudiesZach WardPowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
Study of the AmericansJoanna ShuettPowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
African StudiesCourtney PhillippiePowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
Carolina Asia CenterKathryn UlrichPowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
Middle East - Islamic StudiesCourtney PhillippiePowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
Slavic & East European StudiesKathryn UlrichPowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
Study AbroadChrissie GreenbergPowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
 Asian & Middle Eastern StudiesLori HarrisPowell MarshallMaynard Torian (email)
Fetzer HallExercise & Sport ScienceShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
Campus RecreationShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
Field Operations & StorageEarth, Marine, and Environmental SciencesJennifer ParkerMike Kingery (email)
Fordham HallBiologyLogan BrackettJason Worrell (email)
Gardner HallEconomicsErin PelletierMaynard Torian (email)
EntrepreneurshipErin PelletierMaynard Torian (email)
Genome Science BuildingBiologyLogan BrackettJason Worrell (email)
ChemistryLaura YurcoJason Worrell (email)
Gillings Center for Dramatic ArtPlayMakers RepertoryMaura MurphyMichael Rolleri (email)
Dramatic ArtJamie StricklandNathan Hilton (email)
Graham Memorial HallHonorsJason ClemmonsMaynard Torian (email)
Distinguished ScholarshipsJason ClemmonsMaynard Torian (email)
Honors Study Abroad ProgramJason ClemmonsMaynard Torian (email)
Undergraduate ResearchMichelle BlackwellMaynard Torian (email)
Greenlaw HallAmerican StudiesJennifer WashingtonRichard Taylor (email)
English & Comparative LiteratureJennifer WashingtonRichard Taylor (email)
Hamilton HallHistoryDavid CulclasureMaynard Torian (email)
Political ScienceShannon EubanksMaynard Torian (email)
SociologyJennifer EissingHolt Woodruff (email)
Medieval & Early Modern Studies David CulclasureMaynard Torian (email)
Study of the American SouthTerri LorantMaynard Torian (email)
Peace, War, & DefenceNavin Bapat (<a href="mailto:Director)Maynard Torian (email)
Hanes Art CenterArt & Art HistoryLindsay FulenwiderMaynard Torian (email)
Hanes HallStatistics & Operations ResearchCinnamon WeaverMaynard Torian (email)
Hill HallMusicElsabet FissehaJay Harper/Kaleigh O'Neal (email)
Howell HallPsychology & NeuroscienceChase DebnamMaynard Torian (email)
Hyde HallArts & Humanities InstituteRebecca WilliamsMaynard Torian (email)
Kenan LabsChemistryLaura YurcoJason Worrell (email)
Kenan Music BuildingMusicElsabet FissehaJay Harper/Kaleigh O'Neal (email)
Kessing Pool Bath HouseExercise & Sport ScienceShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
Love HouseStudy of the American SouthTerri LorantMaynard Torian (email)
Macnider HallBiomedical EngineeringSubha Rekha Balasubramanyam (<a href="mailto:Director)Maynard Torian (email)
Mitchell HallEarth, Marine, and Environmental SciencesJennifer ParkerMike Kingery (email)
Morehead AdditionPhysics & AstronomyBeverly LoftinJason Worrell (email)
Morehead Chemistry LabsChemistryLaura YurcoJason Worrell (email)
Murphey HallClassicsL.E. AlexanderMaynard Torian (email)
Murray HallChemistryLaura YurcoJason Worrell (email)
Earth, Marine, and Environmental SciencesJennifer ParkerMaynard Torian (email)
Naval ArmoryNaval ScienceEmily CossettMaynard Torian (email)
Aerospace StudiesLizayda AguilarMaynard Torian (email)
Military ScienceLizayda AguilarMaynard Torian (email)
New EastCity & Regional PlanningDiana DevereauxMaynard Torian (email)
New WestAsian & Middle Eastern StudiesLori HarrisMaynard Torian (email)
Paul Green TheaterDramatic ArtJamie StricklandMichael Rolleri (email)
Person HallMusicElsabet FissehaJay Harper/Kaleigh O'Neal (email)
Phillips HallMathematicsRhonda InmanPhillip Thompson
Physics & AstronomyBeverly LoftinPhillip Thompson
Biomedical EngineeringSubha Rekha Balasubramanyam (<a href="mailto:Director)Phillip Thompson
Rams Head RecreationExercise & Sport ScienceShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
SASB NorthCenter for Student SuccessKim HaithMaynard Torian (email)
Writing & Learning CenterKim HaithMaynard Torian (email)
Summer BridgeKim HaithMaynard Torian (email)
Sitterson HallComputer ScienceLatasha MingoJim Mahaney (email)
Smith BuildingLinguisticsDebra PowersMaynard Torian (email)
Womens & Gender StudiesDebra PowersMaynard Torian (email)
Sexuality StudiesDebra PowersMaynard Torian (email)
Stallings-Evans Sports Medicine CenterExercise & Sport ScienceShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
Steele BuildingAcademic AdvisingJaclyn HardisonMaynard Torian (email)
Undergraduate EducationMichelle BlackwellMaynard Torian (email)
Undergraduate CurriculaMichelle BlackwellMaynard Torian (email)
First Year SeminarsMichelle BlackwellMaynard Torian (email)
Student Recreation CenterCampus RecreationShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
Swain HallCommunicationNing SunMaynard Torian (email)
English & Comparative LiteratureJennifer WashingtonMaynard Torian (email)
University BoathouseExercise & Sport ScienceShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
Venable HallChemistryLaura YurcoJason Worrell (email)
Earth, Marine, and Environmental SciencesJennifer ParkerJason Worrell (email)
Wilson HallBiologyLogan BrackettJason Worrell (email)
Psychology & NeuroscienceChase DebnamJason Worrell (email)
Woolen GymExercise & Sport ScienceShayna HillNathan Hilton (email)
Arts & Sciences Information Services
Jewish Studies
Carolina Public HumanitiesDestiny Lee
Chancellor Science ScholarsJason Clemmons
Urban & Regional Studies CenterDiana Devereaux
Community CapitalDiana Devereaux
Program for Public DiscourseSarah Treul
Winston House

For any questions that cannot be answered in the following pages, please reach out to Powell Marshall, Director of Facility Shared Services (DFSS) at or (919) 962-1165