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Space and Building Info

Facility Services

The College of Arts and Sciences is part of the greater UNC university campus. General facility-related guidelines, services, building data and maps are available through the UNC Facilities website. For more detailed information about a particular CAS facility, contact the DFSS.


For UNC campus and local area maps.

Building and Floor Plans

Your Department manager or DFSS can access floorplans along with space and occupancy information through SPOTS, the Space Planning and Occupancy Tracking System.

Space Requests and Assignments

Contact the DFSS to determine how to best proceed with requesting new space, whether on or off campus. Space is assigned to departments and centers within CAS, not individuals. The DFSS develops options and recommendations to CAS executive leadership and department/center chairs for space assignments.

Leasing Space

Contact the DFSS if your department or center is interested in acquiring, renewing or disposing of leased property. We can facilitate working with the university offices responsible for lease management.