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Teaching Track Annual Conference

Sent: April 10, 2024 8:03 am

The following message is being sent to all Deans, Directors, Department/Curriculum Chairs, and Administrative Managers in the College of Arts & Sciences on behalf of Ashante Diallo, Associate Dean for Human Resources.


In fall 2019, the College of Arts & Sciences instituted new guidelines requiring a peer teaching observation and an annual conference with faculty who hold three or five-year contracts at the rank of teaching assistant professor or teaching associate professor.  The annual conference should provide an evaluation of past performance as a teacher and university citizen, set goals for the next year and clarify expectations.


During the conference, the department chair/designee will share the peer teaching observation report and discuss strengths and any areas for improvement.  The department chair/designee must document this meeting in a written report that is shared with the faculty member.  A copy of the report should be placed in the individual’s departmental personnel file.  The annual conference should be a time to offer guidance to the faculty member on ways to advance their careers.  Some examples include access to training, competitive leave opportunities, and the availability of internal grants, awards, and travel funds.


At this time, the College is not mandating peer teaching observations and annual conferences for Teaching Professors.  However, it is strongly recommended that the department chair/designee meet with Teaching Professors to discuss and document progress in advance of the expiration of their contract.


The Report on Annual Evaluation of Teaching Track Faculty can be found here:


Action Item:

Please have your Department Manager submit your completed 2023-2024 form via RASR by June 30, 2024.   


If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to contact your Senior Associate Dean or Janet Farrell and Teresa Wilkinson


Thank you,


Ashante Diallo

Associate Dean for Human Resources

Ph: 919.843.9689 (VOIP) | Mo: 313.595.7222 | Fax: 919.843.3531

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