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Jr Faculty Annual Review

Sent: April 10, 2024 8:04 am

The following message is being sent to all Deans, Directors, Department/Curriculum Chairs, and Administrative Managers in the College of Arts & Sciences.



As you are aware, Chairs are required to conduct performance evaluations of untenured assistant and untenured associate professors each year.  These evaluations are especially important for setting goals, clarifying expectations, and providing the mentoring that junior faculty often find helpful.  All tenure track faculty in your unit who have not been reviewed for tenure during this academic year must have an annual conference with the department chair.  A written summary of the conference must be placed in the faculty member’s departmental personnel file.  In addition, a copy must be sent to the faculty member, who may choose to write a response to the report.


The annual evaluation should cover the untenured faculty member’s performance over the course of the previous year; it should not explicitly comment on or venture a prediction with respect to the likelihood of a later decision to grant tenure to the faculty member. An example of should contain words along the following lines: “This evaluation is not an indication of the likelihood of a positive or negative recommendation regarding tenure, but rather is a summary assessment of the activities in which you have been engaged for the past year.”


The Annual Evaluation of Untenured Faculty form is attached for your convenience or can be found here


Action Item:

Please have your Department Manager submit your completed 2023-2024 form via RASR by June 30, 2024.   


If you have any questions regarding this process, feel free to contact your Senior Associate Dean or Janet Farrell and Teresa Wilkinson


Thank you,


Ashante Diallo

Associate Dean for Human Resources

Ph: 919.843.9689 (VOIP) | Mo: 313.595.7222 | Fax: 919.843.3531

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