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Update on the department manager feedback process

Sent: April 8, 2024 9:17 am

This message is an update on the effort of the CAS Business Operations Leadership Team (BOLT) to provide feedback to department chairs/directors regarding their managers’ interactions with CAS Business Operations staff over the past year. It is no surprise that BOLT received overwhelmingly positive feedback about department managers, with only a few cases requiring further follow-up. As will be emphasized to department chairs/directors, this feedback is not meant to take the place of an overall performance evaluation or goal setting plan. This survey process has been and continues to be a collaborative effort with AMAC.

Attached you will find a sample of the survey results memo being sent to chairs/directors. Also attached is a one-page document that will be included with the memo giving department chairs/directors additional guidance on how to use and solicit feedback.

Feedback Consideration and Tips

Sample Manager Feedback Memo

Here is the timeline of when and how feedback is going to be shared.

  • April 8: CAS Chairs & Managers Leadership Meeting – BOLT provides an update to department chairs/directors on the survey feedback process and how to use the information
  • April 9: BOLT sends individual feedback on department managers to their department chair/director (see attached email message and feedback memo template)
    • BOLT will schedule a required meeting with the few department chairs/directors in situations when feedback indicates a department manager would benefit from additional development and support to improve their completion of tasks involving the Dean’s Office
  • April 10: CAS Managers Meeting – BOLT confirms that feedback has gone out and offers a Q&A
  • April 10-26: BOLT completes the required follow-up meetings with appropriate department chairs/directors
  • April 24: CAS Manager Check-in Meeting – AMAC representatives request feedback from managers about the CASBO feedback process
  • May 9: AMAC Meeting – AMAC representatives discuss feedback received from managers with BOLT/CASBO staff
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