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Draft workload policy and CAS Annual Report Kickoff

Sent: March 27, 2024 8:28 am

Dear department chairs and managers,

As you are all aware, the University will implement a new campus workload policy this fall that more clearly defines the teaching, research and service responsibilities for our faculty. This action is in response to the new UNC System policy for each member school to create, publish and monitor academic unit workload requirements. The policy is intended to provide transparency and accountability as well as to establish clear and equitable guidelines within schools and units.


In recent months, we have shared draft proposals of the College’s workload policy at our chairs and managers’ leadership meetings and incorporated your feedback. The attached workload policy is the version that we have submitted to the Office of the Provost; it is substantially the same as the version shared at our January leadership meeting with department chairs and managers.  We’re still awaiting final approval, but I don’t expect it to change from this, and I’ll notify you if it does.

I’m sharing it now because it is time for us to kick off the College’s Annual Report process, and the new workload policy affects some of your Annual Report responsibilities, and I want to give you as much time as possible to complete them. I’m aware that spring is a busy time for departments as the semester winds down.

Under the workload policy, all academic departments in the College must have written expectations for the unit’s standards of teaching, research and service. Every faculty member must have a workload plan in place beginning next fall. This applies to all tenure-track faculty and any full-time faculty member appointed for longer than one year. Chairs must meet with faculty in the fall to discuss the plans, then review them together in the spring.

Because of this new requirement, and to avoid duplication of efforts, the Dean’s Office will no longer require faculty to complete an annual report for themselves; the workload plan should suffice. We are, however, still requiring that faculty upload an updated CV into the annual report portal. This information is needed to meet our obligation to SACSCOC and the accreditation process.

Although we are no longer requiring these individual annual reports, you have the option, should you choose, to use the process to ask questions of your faculty. We will be sending a separate email to faculty in a few weeks about the change in our requirements when the annual report system opens up for them.

The Online Annual Report system is now open to department chairs for 2023-24 reporting. This year’s deadlines can be found below.


Timeline & Deadlines Action Item Location Responsible Person
Week of March 25-29 Fund Stewardship Guidance provided. Will send out PowerPoint and handout. PowerPoint, Handout Arts & Sciences Foundation
Thursday, April 11th  (5pm) Add Faculty Recipients to Stewarded Funds. Also add Students who have benefited from your private funds. See attached “Adding a Recipient” for how to do this. Fund >> Stewardship Manager or Designee
Wednesday, April 17th The annual report system opens to all permanent College faculty. The Dean’s Office will send a separate message to all faculty. Departments may add faculty not included manually. Entry page at Login Faculty (permanent, primary job in CAS)
Friday, May 3rd (5pm) Add Activities to Funds Fund >> Stewardship Manager or Designee
Position Requests are due Position >> Position Request Chair/Manager
Monday, May 20th (5pm) Faculty Complete Annual Report Entry page at Login Permanent Faculty (primary job in CAS)
Friday, June 21st (5pm) Complete Diversity Survey Diversity >> Diversity Survey Chair/Manager
Complete Departmental Annual Report Summary. Entry page at Login Chair/Manager



Jim White

Craver Family Dean

College of Arts and Sciences

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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