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Annual Reminder for Additional Employment, External Professional Activities for Pay, Secondary Employment and Supplemental Pay Policies

Sent: March 11, 2024 4:12 pm

The following message is being sent to all administrative managers in the College of Arts and Sciences


Annual Reminder for Additional Employment, External Professional Activities for Pay, Secondary Employment and Supplemental Pay Policies


Important: Employees must ensure that the proper documentation is submitted through the College Dean’s office and approved by the Office of Human Resources in advance of the employee beginning additional employment, external professional activities for pay, secondary employment as well as supplemental pay.


Additional Employment (SHRA)

Applies when a permanent full-time SHRA employee (regularly scheduled 40 hours each work week) who is normally appointed to one position at one established rate of pay is needed to work in an additional position on a temporary, part-time basis. Please note FLSA exempt employees should be paid based on the type of project and will no longer be paid on an hourly basis.


Additional employment involves work within the University beyond the permanent full-time employees regularly scheduled 40 hours and outside the employee’s:

  • Home department or organizational unit,
  • Regular work schedule, and
  • Regularly assigned responsibilities.


Additional employment is limited to situations in which the employee possesses specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities not readily available in the University’s recruitment area. Additional employment can be used only for an emergency or one-time, fixed-term assignment with a specified beginning and ending date (not over several semesters, for example) and not for any continuing need. Further, it cannot conflict with the employee’s normal work schedule or their regularly assigned full-time SHRA duties.


Under certain circumstances, additional employment may involve an employee who is filling a temporary teaching assignment. However, there are several conditions that apply in this situation. In addition, a SHRA non-exempt employee may not be appointed to a temporary teaching assignment.


The employee and their department must submit an Additional Employment Request Form to your assigned Human Resources Consultant and obtain approval from OHR/Employment & Staffing before engaging in additional employment. Please refer to the Additional Employment Policy for more information.


Secondary Employment (SHRA)

Applies when a permanent full-time State Agency or University employee plans to engage in secondary employment with another employer that is not a State Agency or University. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that an employee’s secondary employment does not have an adverse effect on the employee’s primary employment and does not create a conflict of interest.


Before engaging in secondary employment, an employee must submit a Secondary Employment Request Form to their supervisor and receive approval from OHR/Employment & Staffing. In addition, each January, employees who are continuing secondary employment must submit an updated Secondary Employment Request Form to their supervisors and then to your assigned Business Operations Human Resources Consultant.


Please refer to the Secondary Employment Policy and Secondary Employment Procedure for more information.


Supplemental Pay (EHRA Faculty and Non-Faculty)

Applies to all permanent and temporary University EHRA employees (faculty and EHRA non-faculty) to address temporary increases in responsibility or significant and substantial duties performed under unusual circumstances. This compensation may be used only to address duties that are clearly exceptional to the employee’s regular position.

Requests must be submitted and approved by all required parties, including the applicable central office, in advance of any supplemental pay being communicated to the employee or any added work being performed.

  • To request overload pay, use the EHRA Overload Pay Request Form
  • To request a salary supplement, please work with your assigned Human Resources Consultant.


Please refer to Supplemental Pay for EHRA Employees for more information.



Please direct any questions to your assigned Business Operation HR Consultant.


Thank you.


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