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Temporary Pause on Salary Actions

Sent: August 1, 2023 6:19 pm

Given the lack of an adopted State Budget for FY 2023-24, the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) and the UNC System Office has issued guidance on continuing budget authority that temporarily pauses many types of SHRA, EHRA Non-Faculty and Faculty salary adjustments effective July 1, 2023, or later. This pause on certain salary actions is required by G.S. 143C-5-4(5).


This temporary pause prohibits the following increases, regardless of fund source:

  • Additional duties
  • Reclassifications
  • Pre-emptive (e.g., speculative) retention
  • Labor market
  • Equity
  • SHRA employee competency assessments


This temporary pause does not prohibit processing the following salary actions if deemed essential:

  • Promotional increases (e.g., internal hires and faculty promotions) for existing budgeted positions and/or titles. Lateral transfers and voluntary reassignments with a proposed accompanying salary increase will be examined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Offers extended to external candidates for existing budgeted positions, including any positions funded by external contracts and grants.
  • Critical retention increases in situations where there is either a documented recruitment effort or an outside offer letter. For SHRA retention increase requests, an offer letter from the external employer is required.  Any faculty retentions approved by June 30, 2023 will be implemented after all legislative increases are implemented, based on the signed retention letter.
  • Increases for individuals assuming an acting or interim appointment for an existing vacant position.
  • Increases required by contractual agreements, legal settlements, or any other increase mandated by federal or state law that cannot be delayed.


Effective immediately:

Departments must hold any actions that fall into the prohibited categories outlined above until after the pause is lifted and OHR provides further guidance.  We will notify the Department Chair and Administrative Manager of any In-process actions covered by this pause that will cause a delay.  Once the pause is lifted, these delayed actions will be processed and effective dates will be determined by OHR, according the System Office guidance.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Ashante Diallo

Associate Dean for Human Resources

108 Battle Lane

Ph: 919.843.9689 (VOIP) | Mo: 313.595.7222 | Fax: 919.843.3531

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