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Affiliate Guide

Sent: July 5, 2023 3:30 pm

Affiliates Guide PDF

Dear Managers,


Many of you have Affiliates within your departments, such as Research Collaborators, Visiting Scholars, or Unpaid Volunteers. A review of CASBO’s current Affiliate process has been completed and it has been determined that departments should be responsible for handling their own Affiliates and submitting Affiliate actions within the system, rather than your HRBP. This change will help streamline the process, saving time and removing unnecessary steps and repetitiveness.


Some departments have already been piloting this process and effective, 7/1/2023, all departments should begin handling their own Affiliates. As a Basic Originator in ConnectCarolina, you should already have access to submit Affiliate actions and no further access should be required. If you are unable to access any of the following in ConnectCarolina, please let Joy Montemorano know: Affiliate Request System, Add/Update Affiliate ePAR link, Affiliate Information, Add Unpaid Request, and View Employee Forms. Each of these choices are described further in the attached Affiliates Guide.


The Affiliates Guide details the entire Affiliate process (both CASBO’s and the University’s) and includes information such as definitions and preferred time limits, what systems must be used and how to use them, how to check for an existing PID, how to submit an Unpaid Request Form and ePAR, which Affiliates must have approval before being given an affiliate status (or being extended), and much more. The Affiliates Guide is very detailed and provides screenshots and examples. Notes concerning PID Office approvals are also included.


There are several Affiliate types that require a background check. For these Affiliate types, you will need to submit a CASBO Background Check RASR request. Your HRBP will initiate the background check request ePAR and follow up once it has been completed so that you may move on to the next steps in the Affiliate process.


Current RASR requests that are being worked on will be finished by your HRBP. Any new requests that are submitted in RASR on or after 7/1/2023 will be returned to you. We will look to inactivate the Affiliate RASR request form shortly after the effective date of this change. Should you have any questions, please contact your HRBP.



CASBO Human Resources


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