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Student Administration Access Requests

Sent: June 2, 2023 10:00 am

Hello CAS managers,

In anticipation of the 2023-24 academic year, when submitting requests for Slate, Instructor Table, and Grade Approver access, the attached templates should be used when requesting access for more than 2 users at a time. You will not need to provide a ConnectCarolina student administration access form, simply use the excel template for all requested users. This process is only for requesting Slate, Instructor Table and Grade Approver roles for multiple users. These requests are submitted the usual way in InfoPorte; Finance tab < Financial Request < Miscellaneous Accounting < College Access Request.


Additionally, the Slate Team would like me to remind you of the following information to help ensure timely processing of Slate requests:

  1. Annual Updates to admission applications routinely occurs May-July. We ask that programs request activation of new users during this time when possible. Requests outside of that window will occur and we will work them as quickly as possible around current workload. November and December are peak volume times for us in admissions.
  2. Slate access remains active as long as the user has an active ONYEN. So, access should not be requested for each user each admission cycle. Often half of the access requests we process already exists. If the program needs to confirm who currently has access to their program in Slate they can contact and request that information.

We hope you find this information helpful and will simplify your multiple user requests for these roles.

Thank you,


Joy Montemorano

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