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Updates and guidance on DEI matters in the College

Sent: March 30, 2023 1:45 pm

As many of you are aware, there have been recent policy updates and information requests concerning matters of diversity, equity and inclusion. We realize that the developments have prompted questions, and we are writing to clarify the implications that these developments have for employees in the College of Arts and Sciences. While there will be some adjustments in our practices due to the policy changes, please know that our mission to uphold diversity, equity and inclusion remains in place and has our full commitment.

Compelled Speech Policy:  Last week, Provost Chris Clemens and Becci Menghini, vice chancellor for human resources and equal opportunity and compliance, shared a message about the new Board of Governor’s Policy on Compelled Speech, which concerns recruitment in hiring, admissions and promotion and tenure review for faculty. UNC-Chapel Hill’s Office of Human Resources has developed a website with helpful guidelines.

Working in compliance with the new policy, the College will continue our efforts to garner broad and diverse applicant pools and selection processes that mitigate bias. Karla and Ashante remain poised to offer resources to search committees. If you have a search that is currently ongoing, or you have questions about what is permissible, please refer to the Office of Human Resources page linked above or contact Karla or Ashante.

The policy restricts DEI statements from staff and faculty undergoing review for promotion. In the College, none of our units have required DEI statements with promotion or review processes. As such, the Compelled Speech Policy will not impact any current activities in this area.

DEIA Inventory Request: The NC General Assembly’s Joint Commission on Government Operations has requested an inventory of all UNC System Schools’ diversity, equity inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) trainings. Karla reached out to chairs, managers and directors to gather this information from across the College, and we thank everyone for working with us swiftly on this request. The compiled information has been sent to Becci Menghini and Leah Cox, vice provost for equity and inclusion, as requested. The commission’s request is for information only and, at this time, there are no changes in our efforts to support DEI education activities for faculty and staff in the College.

We affirm our dedication to a workplace that welcomes and supports a diverse community of faculty, staff and students and that strives to achieve equity among its members.  We serve a state and country rich in diversity, and in order for us to live up to our mission of providing a well-rounded liberal arts education to all of our students, we require a diverse College, including students, faculty and staff.


Jim, Karla and Ashante


James W.C. White, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Karla Slocum, Senior Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, College of Arts and Sciences

Ashante Diallo, Associate Dean, Human Resources, College of Arts and Sciences

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