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Office of Undergraduate Curricula Monthly Announcements for June 2024

Sent: June 3, 2024 1:10 pm

Office of Undergraduate Curricula June 2024 Memo

Hello, all,

Please read below the May 2024 OUC updates for general curriculum news, updates specific to the College of Arts and Sciences, and specific updates to be shared with faculty and instructors.

Per usual, last month’s update is archived on our website. As a reminder, the following information is intended for Academic Advisors, Directors of Undergraduate Studies, and Student Services Managers on behalf of the Office of Undergraduate Curricula. Please share this memo, or specific content from this memo, with other individuals in your unit to whom this information might apply (e.g., all faculty/instructors). To add individuals to this distribution list, please fill out this form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to a member of the OUC team.


The Office of Undergraduate Curricula

Highlights from the June 2024 Memo

  • Communication Beyond Carolina: Changes for the 2024-2025 Student Cohort
  • Curriculum Proposals & 2024-2025 Catalog Production Schedule
  • Summer & Fall 2024 Scheduling & Registration Reminders
  • Summer SSM Meeting
  • Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation (TCRE) Reminders
  • Retain Instruction Records for 1 Year
  • Review the SET Schedule for Summer 2024
  • OSM is Now Open for Summer I 2024 Syllabi
  • OLCM is Now Open for Summer and Fall 2024 Learning Contracts

General Curriculum News

Communication Beyond Carolina (CommBeyond)

Changes for the 2024-2025 Student Cohort

Students in the 2024-2025 Cohort (including First-Year students and Transfer students) will be required to complete the Communication Beyond Carolina (CommBeyond) requirement in the IDEAs in Action curriculum through an approved CommBeyond course (e.g., UNC credit, transfer credit). Students in this cohort will not be able to fulfill this requirement through a Communication Intensive (CI) course from the previous Making Connections curriculum, as was permitted with the previous two student cohorts. This update was approved by the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) on April 5, 2024.

Student Cohort Requirement satisfied with a…

(FY & TR students)

CommBeyond course or Communication Intensive course

(FY & TR students)

CommBeyond course or Communication Intensive course

(FY & TR students)

CommBeyond course only

FY=First-Year students, TR=Transfer students

Curriculum Proposals & Catalog Production:

2024-2025 Catalog Production Schedule

A big thanks to everyone involved in the catalog production cycle. The 2024-2025 Catalog will be published by Monday, 06-10-2024.



This was our 9th year using the CourseLeaf Catalog system. We value your feedback and input on the overall production process. If you were involved in editing or approving Catalog pages this year, please take a few minutes to complete this short survey so that we can continue to improve the process:


CIM-Course and CIM-Program Proposals AY 2023-2024

Thank you to all the faculty and department staff who submitted undergraduate course proposals and program proposals during the 2023-2024 Academic year! The Office would also like to thank the Course Committee of the Administrative Boards for their incredible work this past year. The Committee reviewed 309 course proposals during the 2023-24 academic year and approved 275 of those proposals (89%). The Office of Undergraduate Curricula also processed 391 course proposals for miscellaneous course changes (e.g., revisions to course descriptions, new prerequisites, etc.). The Office also processed over 80 CIM-Program proposals to revise program requirements for majors and minors.

Thank you to our Course Committee members for your dedication to ensuring a robust, balanced, and equitable curriculum for our students. A full summary is available on our website.


You can view the status of a course proposal in CIM:

You can view the status of a program proposal in CIM:

Scheduling & Registration Reminders: Summer & Fall 2024

Incoming Fall 2024 First-Year Pre-Registration

The Office of Undergraduate Curricula, in partnership with the Registrar, will pre-register incoming fall 2024 first-year students in up to two First-Year Foundation classes. At the same time, Honors Carolina pre-registers incoming honors first-year students in Honors First-Year Foundations and other appropriate classes. To run the processes successfully, these offices reserved seats for first-year students in certain fall classes, including First-Year Seminar, First-Year Launch, Triple-I, Honors, and some ENGL 105/I and Global Language offerings. Instructors of these classes may notice their seats caps have dropped significantly, but the caps will be raised back up the first week of June so that the seats are available for pre-registration. Instructors of classes included in the list above may notice an enrollment bump over the course of June as pre-registration occurs. Anything left over after pre-registration will be automatically released during the July & August first-year registration sessions, along with the other first-year seat reserves. The seat caps will be returned to their normal levels by FY Open Enrollment on August 2nd.

Fall 2024 Pre-Registration Timeline:

  • Late Feb. – early Mar.: OUC/Honors reserved seats in First-Year Foundations and Honors classes
  • Apr. – late May: First-year students fill out Pre-Registration Survey
  • Late-May – mid June: Students pre-registered into First-Year Foundations classes
  • July – early Aug.: Unused seats from process released during first-year registration sessions


While this process is ongoing…

  • If you need to make changes to a First-Year Seminar or First-Year Launch please let Ben Haven know. If you need to make changes to your Honors offerings, let Jason Clemmons know.
  • Please do not adjust your FY Seminar or FY Launch seats
  • Please refrain from manually enrolling students (via Quick Enroll) into your FY Seminar/FY Launch classes until after August 2nd .
  • Know that most of these classes will be nearly full in ConnectCarolina by mid-June.


See the Office of Undergraduate Curricula website for more information about this process.


Class Features Tool for Summer & Fall 2024

Instructors are encouraged to utilize the Class Features Tool in ConnectCarolina to provide students with additional information about their summer and fall 2024 courses. To use the tool, log into ConnectCarolina and select “My Schedule.” You will see the “Class Features” link for each course you are scheduled to teach. Copy-over functions and departmental proxies are available to ensure the process is efficient each semester. More information about the Class Features tool is available on the Office of Undergraduate Curricula website.

SSM Scheduling & Registration Support Webpage

The Office of Undergraduate Curricula has a resource page available for student services staff. The page includes frequently asked questions related to scheduling and registration, and links to additional campus resources such as training classes, calendars, reference guides, and more.

Other Items

Student Services Manager (SSM) Meeting: Summer 2024

The next student services staff meeting will be held on Wednesday, 6-12-2024 from 1:00-2:30 PM on Zoom. The agenda and link will be shared via the listserv and Teams site about a week in advance.

Retain Instruction Records for 1 Year

Per the UNC General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, records documenting examinations, tests, term papers, and other coursework completed by but not returned to the student must be retained for 1 year after completion of the course. The records may be destroyed 1 year after completion of the course for uncontested grade results. For grades that are challenged, the records may be destroyed after resolution of the challenge.

Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation (TCRE) Peak Season is Here

Department approvers for the Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation eForms in Connect Carolina will begin to see an uptick in requests this month that typically lasts through August. Current students may be submitting requests as they identify missing prerequisites during registration over the next several weeks, and incoming transfer students may be relying on these re-evaluations for prerequisite and other course credit so they can plan their fall 2024 course schedule.

We understand that many of our approvers (typically the DUS or a department’s faculty advisor) may be working less over the summer, but on behalf of students, we ask you to process summer requests as soon as you are able, clear requests prior to any break you are taking, and clear all pending requests as soon as possible when returning in August.

Questions about this process, requests for refresher training, and notices about planned gaps in processing for your department of more than 21 days can be sent to Heather Thompson.

College News

Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET):

SET Updates for Summer 2024

Maymester evaluations closed Friday 5-31-24.  Summer I evaluations open to students on Thursday, 6-13-24.  Selection for Summer II evaluations runs Monday, 6-3-2024 through Friday, 6-7-2024.  The full College SET Schedule is available on our website.

We encourage all departments to share this resource for instructors with everyone teaching this summer (especially graduate students and newer faculty) and let them know that if they have not received email communications about their course(s) by 7 days prior to evaluations opening, they should email to report the issue.

You can find most information about SET processes on the website. Questions from staff, instructors, and students can be directed to

Online Syllabus Manager:

OSM Opens Today for Summer I 2024

The Online Syllabus Manager (OSM) tool opened for summer I 2024 on Wednesday, 5-6-2024 and will close about ten days before the last day of classes for summer II 2024. Departments are asked to remind instructors, particularly graduate students, and other first-time instructors to upload a copy of their course syllabus by the end of the first day of the semester (Wednesday, 5-15-2024).

Online Learning Contract Manager:

OLCM is Now Open for Summer and Fall 2024 Learning Contracts

The Online Learning Contract Manager (OLCM) tool opened for summer I, summer II, and fall 2024 learning contracts on Friday, 3-8-2024 (approximately two weeks before the start of summer registration). The system will close for all users at 11:59pm on the census date for each term. See the OUC calendar for the specific deadlines pertaining to each term. Departments are encouraged to review their system roles (OLCM Coordinators and OLCM Schedulers) on the OUC departmental contacts webpage. To submit updates for OLCM roles, please fill out the change request form.

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