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Introduction to CAS Dean’s Office Research Administration Team

Sent: September 7, 2023 3:49 pm

Dear Dean’s Office,


We are pleased to announce the creation of a research administration team to support faculty, staff, and trainees in the College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences

Research Administration Team (CAS RA) coordinates, administers, and consults on both pre- and post-award contract/grant activities within College units. We also provide research development

support for sponsored projects within College units.


Rhea Deroian ( on the CAS RA team is the designated Contracts and Grants Coordinator (CGC) for Fine Arts and Humanities departments and Undergraduate



Tori Royster ( on the CAS RA team is the designated CGC for STOR, Anthropology, AAAD, and History. She is also available to assist with any Area Studies RA needs.


Ashleigh Jackson ( on the CAS RA team is the designated CGC for Applied Physical Sciences (for assigned faculty), Economics, Sociology, and Public Policy.


To request research administration support, please either submit a RASR ticket in the College of Arts & Sciences Tab (scroll down to the Proposal form) for an upcoming proposal submission or reach out to your assigned CGC via email to set up a call or Zoom. If you do not have access to the RASR form, please let your CGC know so they can amend any access issues. For more information on RASR ticket submissions, please see the attached RASR guide.


Angelica Weaver-Ford ( on the CAS RA team is the Grants Development Coordinator who can provide research development support. To request her support, please email her to set up a call or Zoom. For more information on her services and our team in general, please refer to the attached presentation.


If there are any general inquiries, please email us at


Thank you,


Andrea Walens, PhD
Director of Research Administration 

College of Arts & Sciences Business Operations
Hickerson House, 108 Battle Ln. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
P 919-962-0729 M 734-904-2862 E  

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