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FTE on graduate student appointments

Sent: December 19, 2022 6:42 pm

As discussed in last week’s manager’s meeting, the Dean’s Office is advising units to appoint student employees using a full-time equivalent (FTE) rate that matches the typical hours worked. This is a change from the current practice where most units use a standard FTE rate for all students in similar appointments. Instead, the FTE should now reflect the workload expectations of the particular appointment. Please begin following this practice on any hire or job change ePAR actions moving forward.

To calculate the FTE rate for an appointment, take the expected work hours per week and divide that number by 40 hours. For example, an appointment for 20 hours a week translates to 0.5 FTE, while an appointment for 15 hours a week translates to 0.375 FTE.

Some students, particularly international students, may be capped at 20 hours per week or 0.5 FTE – all student employees are capped at 40 hours per week or 1 FTE. Below are links to Graduate School and central HR resources that provide more information about graduate student FTE and workloads. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to your assigned budget analyst.

Central HR information on student FTE restrictions
Graduate School Handbook – assistantships and fellowships section

Budget Analyst Contacts:

DivisionBudget AnalystEmail
Undergraduate EducationKatrina
Fine Arts and HumanitiesCharu V
Social Sciences/Global ProgramsHeather
Natural SciencesLindsay
Other/ GeneralAnne

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