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Reminder about calendar year-end donor payments

Sent: December 15, 2022 5:07 pm

Are you anticipating a donor check to be mailed to your departmental office right before or during winter break? If so, please read this e-mail!

Due to the winter break overlapping with the end of the calendar year it is very important that you keep the postdated envelope for all checks received during the month of December. After winter break, you can deliver your donor checks to the Arts & Sciences Foundation (Buchan House, 523 E Franklin Street) or directly to University Development (208 W Franklin Street). Please attach the postmarked envelope with the check as evidence of the gift date. You might also save the envelopes for gifts postmarked the first few days of January in case a donor questions the date of a gift.

A few additional notes and tips regarding donor gift checks:

1. This e-mail is for donor checks ONLY
2. Hand delivery is the preferred method of moving a check to ensure that it makes it to the desired destination
3. Cover the account number when scanning/copying a check
4. It is good practice to keep the postdated envelope year-round and deliver this along with the check
5. When delivering donor checks, please note the appropriate designation and/or source where the gifts should be deposited

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