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Compressed Payroll Schedules and Overpayment Recovery Deadline

Sent: November 15, 2022 1:25 pm

To: Campus Unit Financial Leads, HR Officers and Secondary Contacts, University Business Managers
From: Walter Miller, Director of Payroll Services
Due to the upcoming holidays, November and December payroll schedules are compressed. Please be aware of the shorter turnaround times and earlier deadlines as listed below. For your convenience, the schedules for M05 and B11 are provided below, and for future schedules please reference the Payroll Preparation and Distribution web page.

M05 Pay Period: Nov. 1 thru Nov. 30
School/Division ePAR Approvals deadline: Nov. 11 (noon)
TIM Term Payout deadline: Nov. 15 (5 pm)
Central Office ePAR Approvals deadline: Nov. 15 (end of day)
Payroll lockout: Nov. 16 (noon)
Payroll Confirm/lockout ends: Nov. 21 (noon)
Payday: Nov. 30

B11 Pay Period: Nov. 7 thru Nov. 20
School/Division ePAR Approvals deadline: Nov. 18 (noon)
TIM Admin deadline: Nov. 22 (5 pm)
Central Office ePAR Approvals deadline: Nov. 22 (end of day)
Payroll lockout (all transactions due): Nov. 23 (noon)
Payroll Confirm/lockout ends: Nov. 29 (noon)
Payday: Dec. 2

Also, please be aware for all 2022 overpayments, payments must be received in the Payroll Department prior to 11/30/2022 for application to the current tax year. If payment is not received prior to the cutoff date for the current tax year of 11/30/2022, employees will be responsible for the gross amount of the Overpayment in the following years, due to the tax implications of crossing tax years as this affects withholding.

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